Create a Page and publish it

Create a new page from the sidebar and give it a good name.

Click on Edit with Live Editor.

On the right hand side your page wrapper will appear.

Click on Add module on the left and select one of the templates. In the beginning, MOMENTVM comes with a few simple ones for inspiration. Select one and drag it onto your page.

Then click on it on the right hand side and configure some of its attributes.

You can create a new localization for example.

After you’re done editing, click on back to page.


You can either publish your page as content assets or content assets with a slot configuration (schedule)

Let’s set up a schedule:

Click on Add Schedule.

Set a start and end date. Click on Add country group and add one or more country groups you have created earlier.

Click Publish.

Select a publishing target.


Last updated June 21, 2022

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